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Pepper Sauce in the Caribbean

Welcome to our world. You may not know this but the Caribbean is just as famous for its food as it is for the Sun, Sea and Sand. The several cultures that make up our unique area have resulted in food that is as spicy and hot as the islands. Hot Pepper sauces and condiments abound, made from recipes that have been handed down and carefully guarded. Add them to your favourite recipes and take your meals from 'great' to 'WOW'.

We have taken some of the best pepper sauce Recipes in the Caribbean and added our own special touch. Then we created some of our own. Open any of our creations and it's like finding your own Genie in a bottle. They will take your cooking wherever you want it to go! . On our site you will find numerous Hot Pepper Sauce Recipes to add to your repertoire. 

Pepper Sauce products

In the Caribbean, Pepper Sauce is served in restaurants along with the ketchup which would be served anywhere else in the world. We have provided a number of Hot Pepper Sauce Recipes along with other recipes which use our range of condiments. Our Hot Sauce products feature our very own Hot Pepper Sauce recipes ranging  from the traditional mustard pepper sauce which originated in Barbados to our popular 'Blazing Inferno pepper sauce' which is made from Scotch Bonnet peppers, to our extremely tasty ''Tropical Inferno pepper sauce' which is made from the exotic Carambola (star-fruit) fruit. We take a lot of pride in our range of pepper sauces and condiments which can be found in many of our top restaurants where they are key ingredients in many of the chefs' creations.



Cookbook - Hot Sauce Recipes

Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen
A Treasure Chest of Recipes, History and insights into our
Caribbean Culture

by Anne-Marie Whittaker

Pepper Sauce recipes

Baked Fish with Pineapple   
Banana Daiquiri Sauce
Barbadian Rum Punch
Barbadian Seasoning
Bassa Bassa Chicken
Black-eye Peas Soup
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Caribbean Fried Fish
Caribbean Rice & Stew
Chicken Chow Mein
Coconut Bread
Crab and Dumplings
  Curry Channa
  Curry Chicken
  Fish Cakes
  Fish Pie
  Ham and Blackeyes
  Jamaican Easter Bun
  Lima Beans and Minced Chicken
  Macaroni Pie
  Pineapple Chicken
  Pork Chops in Mango Sauce
  Steamed Flying Fish

  Coo-Coo - Fungi

Hot Sauce products

  Bassa Bassa Sauce
Grill Sauce
Kaiso Karamba Star Fruit Sauce
Steak Sauce
Tamangy Chutney
Tropical Inferno
Banana Daiquiri Jam
Pina Colada Jam
Mango Jam
Pepper Jelly

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