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                                     Star Products Seasonings

The taste of food has a lot to do with how well it's seasoned. Whether you are a beginner or a 'seasoned' chef, you will appreciate these skillfully blended seasonings from Star products. You don't need to get out your chopping board or run to the supermarket for 8 or 9 different ingredients, cut them up and mix them just right. You simply purchase a bottle of  Star 'Hot Bajan Seasoning', 'Jerk Seasoning' or 'Mild Bajan Seasoning' (not shown) where it has all been done for you already. These products are available in 280gm jars.

2 Bottles Hot Bajan Seasoning  $24.00
2 Bottles Mild Bajan Seasoning $24.00
2 Bottles Jerk Seasoning            $24.00
1 Hot and 1 Mild Seasoning        $24.00
1 Mild and 1 Jerk Seasoning      $24.00
1 Hot nd 1 Jerk Seasoning          $24.00

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