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Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen

This cookbook, Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen, is written by Anne-Marie Whittaker. It is different from many, in that it not only focuses on Caribbean recipes but also features interesting and sometimes amusing stories of Caribbean culture. So while you are taking a break, waiting for the pot to boil or deciding on the next recipe to try, you can entertain and educate yourself with the interesting stories that abound in this unique cookbook. Just imagine the look on your dinner guests' faces after they are treated to the Caribbean recipes that you will find in this book, all created perfectly with the help of the detailed instructions that accompany the recipes! And in case you don't believe that Caribbean cooking is in demand and appreciated all over the world, let me assure you of that right now. I have traveled to several countries as a guest chef, working with chefs to create Caribbean dishes for their guests. It  is unbelievable how dinner guests single out my creations for their compliments even though they often appear as just another menu item. You too can create excitement in your kitchen with the help of the Treasures that you'll find in this book.


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