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Island Chutney

Tamangy Chutney brings unique Caribbean Flavour to the world of exotic condiments. This is the perfect condiment for your exotic dishes. We can only describe this sauce as multicultural. It takes your Chinese or Indian creations to a new high. It's perfect for Caribbean cooking and will do wonders for the blandest meal you can think of. Use daringly on the side of your plate. Smuggle it into your favourite Chinese or Indian restaurant the next time you go out. If you are on one of those diets that makes everything taste like paper - Splash it on. If you can't really cook but want to invite someone to dinner, have lots of it handy. Cook with it and then use it as a condiment with the meal....then listen for the compliments.

Recipe Suggestion
Macaroni Pie

Hot sauce - tamangy chutney

2jars for $26.00