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Hot Pepper Sauce

Hot Pepper Sauce is our main product. We offer a variety of  Hot Pepper Sauce as shown. Old Fashion Island Pepper Sauce is a Barbadian creation.
It is one of our hottest sellers with its really outstanding taste which results from
a skilful blending of its main ingredients, mustard, turmeric and peppers. Many variations of this sauce can be found throughout the Caribbean however this one has succeeded in capturing the heat, taste and flavor of the traditional Old Fashioned product. Throughout the Caribbean, Hot Pepper Sauce can  be found in all restaurants at all levels,  where it takes pride of place with anything from ketchup to the exotic condiments.

Blazing Inferno Pepper Sauce  is the pepper sauce of choice for those folks who like things 'blazing hot'. We take Scotch Bonnet peppers, add garlic to make the flavour more interesting - then, just before we close the bottle, we add fire. The result is a Hot tasty Pepper Sauce that makes you smack your lips and go for more. Use cautiously with your favourite meats or snacks. Try a little first and have some water close at hand when you do. Main Ingredients Peppers & Garlic                   

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 Captain Rasta's Revenge 
 Pirates of Old loved the Caribbean just as much as the visitors    of today. This range of Hot Sauce is based on that association.
 Our Captain Rasta brings his own form of destruction with his
 "Total Destruction". "Fire in the Hole" and "To Hell and Back".
 Together they make a vicious combination that will be
 appreciated by the adventurous.
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Hot Sauce-Hurricanes Hurricanes
The Caribbean is a dream come true with its beautiful beaches and the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. But sometimes Mother Nature reminds us that we still need to show her respect. We are always mindful that just over the horizon, a small weather system may quickly grow into a destructive monster. Like our Hurricane sauces they are categorised from 1 to 5 with Category 5 being the deadliest. You can purchase your Hurricanes right here. They are sold in a package containing 5 x 50ml bottles and are offered for sale in the combinations listed below.

 Pepper Sauce Kit
Made for those Pepper lovers who wish to create their own 
 Pepper Sauce our Pepper Sauce Kit contains everything that
 you could possibly need for the job. You have the option of
 using fresh peppers for your creation and the kit includes full
 instructions to ensure that you can produce 6 bottles of pepper
 sauce which have the same taste of our extremely popular 'Old
 Fashion' product. A video is available to guide you step by step
 from the time you open the package to the finale where you
 have joined our production team in creating some of the best
 tasting Pepper Sauce available anywhere.
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