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About Us

Native Treasures Inc. is located in Barbados, which is a major
Caribbean tourist destination. Our Caribbean food, like our culture, is hot and spicy - our products are similar. We have found that many pepper sauces and condiments on the market concentrate on the heat level at the expense of the taste. If you are like me, and you purchase three different items, you don't expect each one to taste like a jar of peppers, so with that in mind, we spend a lot of time adjusting our pepper sauces' heat level until the products taste just right, with the peppers complementing the overall taste and making each jar or bottle of pepper sauce a different and enjoyable experience. How do we know that we are on target?? By the favourable response we get from discriminating people like yourselves and the thousands of visitors to the Caribbean each year. Being a cook myself, I understand the importance of tasty pepper sauces and condiments in turning a great meal into a fantastic one, and this is my promise to you. I look forward to you trying our products and feeding back your ideas and impressions to me.

Anne-Marie Whittaker
Managing Director